Saturday, December 22, 2007

GK: I'm Off!

"Off." Contextually it can suggest a number of different meanings when someone says "I'm off." Off, as in "heading out." Off, as in "time off." Off, as in "not quite right" (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.).

In this case, it's the former two, and to stave off the latter. Although I don't feel that the latter poses a serious threat to me, best to be on the safe side just in case! And so, to that end, I am capital oh-eff-eff: OFF.

Thailand, to be specific. With jaunts to Cambodia and Laos. Maybe even a day trip to Myanmar (aka Burma). Should be fun.

This will be the longest out and out vacation I've had since the summer of 1995 -- the summer before Steve and I started the brewery.

Heading out late tonight out of LAX. By the time I land, it will be Christmas eve.

During the trip I would like to write more blog entries and get deeper into reflections on philosophy, ethics, business practices and goals. I also want to get the hell away from my computer! So, I'm taking it with me of course.

And therein lies some conflict. Not big, overwhelming conflict mind you, but conflict nonetheless. Another small internal conflict of the competing goals of clearing the head in a variety of manners. Clearing the head by hiking into the hills of northern Thailand and venturing in and around World Heritage sites such as the incredible Angkor Wat, and clearing the head by allowing the thoughts and ideas flow through the fingers-keyboard-screen continuum of the mind/computer connection.

They are unquestionably in conflict with each other. Perhaps however, there is a balance to be found. I'll let you know. The volume, or lack, of blog postings will reflect the winner of this tug.

It may also reflect internet connection challenges, which may work in favor of the hiking around. Probably for the best! thing I do know, for absolute and undeniable certain is, I'm Off!

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Derek said...

I think we have a winner!

Hope the freedom from the internet, and the trip in general, was good for you.


JC said...

Now that sounds like a trip that could do me some good....I guess I'll just have to wait for your "trip report" to see what I missed. Hope your journey is safe and eventful (in a positive way of course!). Cheers!

Derek said...

Are you ever coming back?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could take a vacation that lasts this long!!